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More than ever, capturing those memories and moments in time couldn’t be more important.

I met this beautiful family 1 year ago and photographed their family when their little one was 7 weeks old. When I met them back in July for our session, I instantly gave a little squeal to see that their little girl had developed the most gorgeous curls since I last saw her and looked just like her mum.

We all had an a absolute blast embracing the beautiful location and enjoying freedom after lockdown. Listening to their little girls laughter through the session is just one of those aspects I love about my job. Capturing that sheer joy and innocence while being completely adored by her parents.

These memories are now frozen in time, and now they bring joy and happiness to their family back in France who they weren’t able to spend time with this year.

"Well received and as expected, your work is amazing. You have a fantastic talent for capturing moments that will stay in my family forever. Your images have travelled to France and have brought joy and love in this uncertain world to our families and friends. I am very thankful for your time and patience with our little one. She is a lucky girl to have been your star twice and she is not even 2 years old."


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