Lauren Storey

“Just wanted to say thanks so much Lauren Storey for your amazingly stunning photos of me and my baby girl. You truly are so talented and professional. You have a precious gift thank you for sharing it with is. I have the most magical and special photos that I am going to treasure forever thanks for choosing us to photograph I will be telling everyone about your amazing work and showing it to everyone”

laurenstorey_storm__268A5842.jpg laurenstorey_storm__268A5878.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A5932.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A5917.jpg laurenstorey_storm__268A5955.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A5963.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A6082.jpg laurenstorey_storm__268A6242.jpg laurenstorey_storm__268A5979.jpg laurenstorey_storm__268A6015.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A6027.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A6024.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A6068.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A61221.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A6195.jpg laurenstorey_storm_sandstonewall.jpg laurenstorey_storm_268A6221.jpg laurenstorey_storm__happy_four.jpg