Lauren Storey

Well known Sydney artist Melissa Mladin-Lowgren and I met via instagram and still work together on all her exhibitions. We started out with a rebrand, stationery and then design and build of her website. We then worked on marketing her first solo exhibition Finding Her Neverland.

Finding Her Neverland (2014) exhibition
An invitation touching on all senses. I designed a tiny-booklet complete with wax seal and magnifying glass as a marketing piece for her exhibition in conjunction with a stop-motion video of unwrapping the invitation for social media.

Lumivita (2014) exhibition
I created the logo, promotional set of A5 post-cards, e-invitation, and photographed the exhibition opening night and Kishikaa studio while the artist was completing the body of works.

Some Kishikaa studio photographs were featured in blogs such as Studio Homes & Gillie and Marc Art Daily

Click here to view the opening night of Lumivita

laurenstorey_kishikaa_logo.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_stationery.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_buscard.jpg kishikaa_website1.jpg kishikaa_website2.jpg kishikaa_website3.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_neverland.jpg laurentorey_kishikaa_invitation2.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_tinybook.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_lumivita.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_Lumcards.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_einvitation.jpg laurestorey_kishikaa_1.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_3.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_8.jpg laurenstorey_kishikaa_10.jpg